IT Support For Business

Desktop and Laptop Repairs

Repairs to any desktop or laptop. Where possible this would be completed onsite. Repairs can also be done outside business hours to reduce disruption to business operations where necessary. We understand the need to keep disruption to a minimum.

Network Installation & Troubleshooting

Broadband and network sharing setup and troubleshooting.

Peripheral Installation

Printer, scanners, external hard drives etc. upgrades can be supplied and fitted or we can fit your own

Day to Day Technical Support

Technical support is available 8am till 8pm, 7 days a week. 24 hours support is available by prior arrangement only. This can be provided on either an ad-hoc basis or a support contract can be negotiated.

Computer and Laptop Health Checks

The complete health check for any business computer or laptop (special price for multiple computers). Potentially avoid Viruses, Spyware and Hard Drive failure. We can also implement a data backup routine so that if the worst happens, you would be covered.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Nagging IT problems are usually down to software or hardware, let us diagnose and correct your problems so you can concentrate on your business.

Software Recommendations, Setup and Configuration

Advice given on setting up an office etc. on a budget. In the current economic climate, it is important to that savings are made in all areas so we will recommend cost effective alternatives to the big names Purchasing new software or hardware sometimes in not the end of the story, we can help with configuration of any recently purchased items.

Data Backup

We can set up purchased equipment and advise on data backup procedures, manual and automatic to ensure data is not lost if a system fails.

Data Retrieval

We also offer a data retrieval service if your hard drive is viable. In the event of a computer or laptop hardware failure, it is possible your information is still accessible. We can copy your information to dvd or external hard drive.

Remote Access

We can set up a system to allow remote access & monitoring of your equipment. This allows you to access files and systems if away. Customer confidentiality is always assured and is foremost in our minds, all system would be password protected etc.

Broadband Setup

We can install and setup your broadband. We will connect all your equipment for you, including computers, laptops, games consoles and mobile phones etc.

Disclaimer: Success of some computer repairs or laptop repairs undertaken cannot always be guaranteed, due to cost effectiveness or due to significant equipment failure and in such cases, we will recommend suitable alternatives. Also in our opinion and it is our opinion that all antivirus software is fallible and therefore if the user does not exercise caution and procedures there is a possible risk of virus or trojan reinfection at a later date.

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