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Viruses and trojans are some of the most common issues to plague people. It is a common element of laptop repair and computer repair in modern day. Computers and laptops are very susceptible to attack if the right tools are not employed and the user does not exercise caution.

There are many ways a computer or laptop can become infected, the most likely way is the user downloads the offending article by accident through an email they received, clicked on a link in a website in error, or downloaded a music or video file which contains the virus or trojan.


We offer a comprehensive removal service to get rid or the virus or trojan. The laptop or computer repair is usually straightforward but if the infection is bad the computer may need to be re-installed to factory setting to fully return the computer or laptop to a working condition. This would of course be discussed with the customer and arrangements would be made to recover files that would need to backed up etc.


On return of the repaired computer or laptop to the customer, advice and training will be given on how to use the computer or laptop in the future so as to and try reduce the possibility of an infection recurring, necessitating another computer or laptop repair.

Disclaimer: It is our opinion that all antivirus software is fallible and therefore if the user does not exercise caution there is a possible risk of virus or trojan reinfection at a later date.

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