Software Hints and Tips To Save Money

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Windows Operating Software. In the course of computer repairs and laptop repairs etc, we will ensure your windows operating system is fully up to date at the point of work. If a reinstall takes place all necessary service packs etc. will be installed and we will set systems to automatically update themselves where necessary and also advise/show how to manage systems going forward.

This is quite important as the updates are being sent from Microsoft to try to ensure your system is not open to attack from hackers and malicious software.

Other Operating Systems

We also deal with other operating systems including Apple and various types of Linux software and upgrades.

Productivity Software

We at Gryphentech PC Services advocate the use of open source software. We have found in the past that the cost of certain software is prohibitive to most people. Especially in the current economic climate, it is more important than ever to be able to save money. We try to ensure that our customers are aware of the various other options available to themselves.

We also do not like the fact that people are pushed towards paying for expensive software when these other options are available which are just as suitable and in some cases better. The devil you know is not always the best option.

Whether it be Office Productivity Suites, Antivirus software, Photo editing software, we can find an option suitable for you. You do not have to pay the earth to have a fully functioning and safe computer.
We will of course help you try to choose the best option suited to your needs. be that it be paid for software or otherwise.


We can also offer tuition on the fundamental use of most software. We will show you how to use your software and will endeavour to ensure a working knowledge.

Disclaimer: Success of some computer repair or laptop repair undertaken cannot always be guaranteed, due to cost effectiveness or due to equipment failure or unsuitability and in such cases we will recommend suitable alternatives. Also in our opinion, all antivirus software is fallible and therefore if the user does not exercise caution there is a possible risk of virus or trojan reinfection at a later date.

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