Computer & Laptop Repair

Custom Built Computers

Economical and reliable PC computers for the office or home: tower units and high-end systems for the gamer. Whatever your computer needs, we can build a computer to your specification and budget.

Computer Health Check/Tune Up

Have your computer MOT'd, Cleaned inside and outside, Hardware Diagnostic Check, Virus/Spyware Check, Hard Drive Check - complete system optimisation for any computer!

Operating System Reinstall

If the worst happens, we can re-install your operating system, plus all security updates, firewall and antivirus. This includes systems without recovery and drivers media.

Data Retrieval

We also offer a data retrieval service if your hard drive is viable. In the event of a computer or laptop hardware failure, it is possible your information is still accessible. We can copy your information to dvd or external hard drive.

Hardware Upgrades and Installation

Bought the hardware and not sure about fitting? Let us complete the job for you, we can supply and/or fit any computer upgrades to any computer.

Setup and Install New/Second user Computer

New or used computer and don't know where to start? We can check over the computer for you and or arrange to call at your home and set up in-situ.

Starting Problems/Crashing computers

We will diagnose any computer and offer advice and solutions to ensure smooth running of your system.

Data Migration

If you have bought a new PC, we can migrate you data over to your new system.This is also handy should you be thinking about a hard drive upgrade or a change of operating system.

Printers and other peripherals

We can install and teach you how to use external equipment such as printers, external hard drives, cameras etc.. We will give advice on how to use items such as printers economically etc.

Tuition and Training

We offer tuition and training in the use of your new equipment and peripherals and how to maintain it.

Broadband Setup

We can install and setup your broadband. We will connect all your equipment for you, including computers, laptops, games consoles( e.g. wii, PS3, Xbox), mobile phones etc.

Internet Safety

We will give advice and tuition on using the internet and email safely for all members of the family. We will also give advice on software that can be used help protect and monitor younger members of the family using the internet and social networking etc.

Disclaimer: Success of some computer repair or laptop repair undertaken cannot always be guaranteed, due to cost effectiveness or due to equipment failure or unsuitability and in such cases we will recommend suitable alternatives. Also in our opinion, all antivirus software is fallible and therefore if the user does not exercise caution there is a possible risk of virus or trojan reinfection at a later date.

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