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We endeavour to use the best products that we can source within your budget. We will search the internet to get you the best deals/prices available at the time for your repair or upgrade or purchase.

We will try to advise you on what we feel may be the best option for you. We believe in you paying for what you actually need it to do, not what it can possibly do.

We use notable names such as Novatech, Amazon, Ebuyer and others to source the hardware which you require, be it desktop computers, laptops, memory(RAM), hard drives and so on. We are committed to keeping the cost as low as possible for our customers.


Certain simple upgrades can improve a computers performance radically for a small outlay. The simplest of these are memory upgrades. When your system is running slow, especially on older systems, it is usually sorted out by a simple addition of memory.

We are happy to upgrade, add or replace all other components of your system including video cards, motherboards, processors, dvd drives etc..

Custom Builds

One of the biggest advantages of having a custom build is the upgradability of your system. In most situations it can actually work out cheaper, in the long run, to have your own computer built rather than buying a named system. The main reason for this is that the components you purchase will be of a better quality than the stock ones used to build named systems. The parts can be individually replaced rather buying a new computer. Again we ensure to try to get you the best prices available for your components.


We will also recommend and source most other equipment required to run an effective system. Be it routers, printers, external and network storage. We will also install and show how to you use effectively and show how to make cost savings during use etc.

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Disclaimer: Success of some computer repair or laptop repair undertaken cannot always be guaranteed, due to cost effectiveness or due to equipment failure or unsuitability and in such cases we will recommend suitable alternatives. Also in our opinion, all antivirus software is fallible and therefore if the user does not exercise caution there is a possible risk of virus or trojan reinfection at a later date.

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